Annual Reunion "Chair Person" Duties.

Annual Reunion scheduled for the Second Saturday in August every year.

  1. Reserve the Scout House 1 year in advance.  Cost $60.00, 2004.  Joel gets key on day before and he will be glad to return it on the following Monday. 
  2. Set up and take down tables and chairs.
  3. Sweep floor and leave in good order.
  4. Communicate to all family members about the date and place.  A mailing list of 21 cousins should be established or use the Cartier web site which is a lot easier.  Be sure the names and addresses are up to date.
  5. Tally RSVP's.
  6. Set menu.
  7. Remember that all attendees know to bring a snack to share a jug of drink mix for everyone.
  8. Beer and soda is BYO.  Extra drink should be planned for any guests that may come out to visit.
  9. Sit back and relax and take in all the accolades about what a great reunion you planned.

Supplies Needed for the Day.

  1. Napkins and paper towels
  2. Paper plates for snacks and dinner
  3. Cups for hot and cold
  4. Flat ware for snacks and dinner
  5. Hot pads
  6. Foil and Glad wrap
  7. Fly swatter
  8. Sharp knife (s)
  9. Dish cloths and dish towels and dish detergent
  10. Salt, pepper, butter, coffee cream, coffee pot
  11. Containers for left avers
  12. Softball, Frisbee golf disks, and all assorted fun stuff
  13. Magic markers
  14. Newspapers for the drips on the floor from the jugs of juice
  15. Garbage bags
  16. serving spoons and forks
  17. Fans
  18. Masking tape

2004, we had Broasted Chicken.  It was provided by Fourway Bar and Restaurant, 1801 Riverside Drive, Suamico, WI 53713, Phone Bar: 920-434-3704, Chris Whiting's Home: 920-434-9183.

2004, we had 75 RSVP's and we ordered 20 chickens, 10# of potato salad, and 5# of coleslaw.  The total was $170.00.  The pots and pans have to be cleaned and returned the following day.  We divided the cost by the number of original grandchildren of Irvin and Anna in attendance and that will be what each will pay for the reunion.

Order of Future Chairpersons:  Remember the chairperson is just the contact person for that particular year.  They have the right to solicit the help from any other cousin for their year.

2005        Paul
2006        Joel
2007        Steve
2008        Warren
2009        Beth
2010        Mike
2011        Dorinda
2012        Connie
2013        Nancy
2014        Peggy
2015        Eric
2016        Kevin
2017        Craig
2018        Caron
2019        Lisa
2020        Kathy
2021        Perry
2022        Julie
2023        Quentin